Wireless Security Camera with Phone App

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  • Flexible monitoring with 360 tracking: On top of the excellent optic and 1080p image quality, the YI Dome Guard featuring direction control, motion tracking (10 sec). The camera can track up to 355 Horizontal & 84 Vertical rotation range to create a complete 360coverage. Flexible storage option and support Ethernet.
  • Excellent Night Guard: Enhanced night vision with IR lights featuring 140 wide-angle lens, high resolution 1080p HD, and enhanced night vision capabilities.
  • Intelligent Human, Motion, & Sound Detection: With the power of edge computing, receive smarter and faster human, motion, or sound detection notifications. View up to 9 cameras live-feeds using the easy to use and intuitive YI Home App.
  • Time Lapse Feature: Compress up to 6 hours into a fun clip between 5-30 seconds. Now you can have fun with your video recording to capture fun and precious moments of your family.



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Awesome camera. Better with googly eyes.

Good price, easy to set up, easy to use. We purchased two of these, loved them and purchased two more. My wife let me put googly eyes on them.

This is a must have

Love the Yi cameras! They fit our needs perfectly and the functions on it are wonderful for such a low price point!

mike young
Great product

Quick and easy set up, no need for a memory card or subscription service as long as it's being used as a real time monitor. Very responsive with almost no delay.

karen williams
Works great!

I use this camera in the laundry room where my dogs stay during the day, to make sure my Boxer doesn't get into anything while I'm gone. I can check on her with the app on my phone, works great for that!

A little bit closer

I love that I can see my pets when I am not home!It's perfect! I can spy whos going in my fridge and taking my sweets.

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