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  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Collar measures 70 cm - But can be cutted to any length using scissors to fit your pet.
  • 3 LIGHT SETTING: Slow flash, quick flash and steady glow (Easy push button).
  • RECHARGEABLE MINI USB: This item equipment with a rechargeable line.
  • EASY TO CONTROL: The LED flashing tube can be set to flashing or light continuously by means of touch switch.
  • DURABLE & TOUGH: The whole plastic tube part can be rub, extrusion in any shapes which wont affective the light of this collar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Really love this Collar

We have a little black dog and even though we have a ton of lights in the back yard, there are still the shadows along the fence line where this little guy hangs out and we like to know where he is at all times. I've had a lot of different types of this led collar or lights that you hang on them. This one is by far the easiest to use and is so far the best as it can be recharged. There is no missing him... he cannot hide from us. This was easy to just pull out one side, cut to size, put it around his little neck and stick the piece back in. Very easy to catch him (we have three dogs) in the crowd and push the button with one hand before he escapes to the yard. He hasn't even noticed. I ordered another one for my small white dog in case either one of them gets out of the fence, at least we can see them and any cars that happen to be out and about in our neighborhood. I highly recommend this collar. I may even get one for my very large dog although he can't go under the fence (no way) and is brown and white and easy to see. I suppose if you're looking for your dog at night, it would be much easier to spot him at a great distance with these lights.

Bright LED + Safe Dog + Great Product

Great product! I love that it is adjustable by just snipping off the tubing. I would have been happy to have paid such an affordable price for it and have it only work a couple times -- but I've charged it multiple times by now and continues to work great! I got the green color, because I read other reviews that said it's the brightest. I used to have something that hung off his collar, but the visibility on it was just not enough.I feel so much better having that around my dark gray dog's neck as we walk around at night or in the early morning. Not to mention he looks ready to party. People I pass by on walks love to comment on it, too!

Sarah Robinson

I reviewed over 10 different types of LED collars and this one had the best reviews with the best price. I bought green as the reviews said that it would be the brightest. I just got it today but it is soooooo bright, and I love that it can be cut to size. It also looks relatively sturdy, but I will update if it doesn't hold up to the test of time. However for the price you realllyyyyy can't beat this product. My mom is going to order two for her dogs, and I may get one for my cat. Highly recommended.

Patrice in WA
great night collar, good value

There are other brands if thisbtype collar for about same orice, but I needed this kne because I had to have a MICRO USB charging port (not mini with more square plugin) in order to use with my NetDot brand magnetic insert and cord charging system. I definitely recommend that type of magnetic system because the magnet insert keeps out water, dust and mud and you will not wear down the little charger port (which is likely more delicate than your phone's charger port...but I wouldn't know because I inserted the magnetic nubbin right away.)I just bought one for my sister's dog, and I have had mine for over 2 years. I charge mine every 10 hours of use, which takes a long time to use up uf you are like me and mostly putting on dog just to go out potty in the large, unlit yard a few times each evening. Sometimes I leave it on him turned on during night car rides (in case something were to happen and we had to get out of car, he would be lit and visible), and at garden parties at dusk so people don't trip on him as he winds thru the crowd looking for dropped potluck food....It is a slip over the head deal, so cut loose (you can always trim more off, but if u make too tight you are done), you cannot really get the thing open and reclosed more than once, even though it looks like there is a button to do that--it does not work.During the day if you turn it on it does not seem bright, but it is plenty visble at 300 feet away in a dark yard. I like the red color ecause it cannot be confused with yellow or green reflections off other objects in moonlight or in city lights-- red always means safety, esp out where I live in the woods

Great visibility

I prefer taking our 2 guys out for our walks in the morning before it gets hot or too busy in the neighborhood.In the fall, the lack of street lights REALLY sucks.I got these in Jan and used them pretty much every day for our 20-30 minute morning walk. I keep them and their charger in the dogs 'dresser'. Now that it's darker for longer, I pulled these things back out, charged them up, and they're ready to go for another fall/winter. I love these. This is only the third time I've had to charge them since I got them about 10 months ago.I got the green color. The boys are easy to spot while walking. They're visible for at least 25+ feet away and it even helps illuminate where I have to pick up if they're close enough. The kids in the neighborhood always think its so cool when they see us out walking. I'm just glad people can SEE us now.I love these things. We highly recommend them if you want to make sure you're visible when walking in the dark/poorly lit.

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