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  • Regain control of your dog: Dog Training Collars offer 3 types of safe corrective stimulation modes including static, vibration and beep for dog disobedience; Remote Training E Collars can be used to help correct your overwhelming dogs' behavior problems.
  • Ultimate training: Dog training collar with remote provides 0 to 100 levels of intensity for vibration and stimulation, plus a standard beep mode;Either an expert trainer or pet owner, with these 3 types of stimulation, you will find a safe corrective stimulation that works best for your dog.
  • Adjustable for all size dogs: Adjustable training collar ranging from 14 to 25 inches, it will fit your small, medium, or large size dogs;Petrainer's E collar nylon strap helps protect your dog's sensitive skin.
  • Travel with your pet: Don't hesitate about training in the rain, both our transmitter and waterproof collar are rechargeable; Fast charging and can be done simultaneously with both devices.
  • Freedom to roam: Have wireless control of your pet up to 330 yards; Easily train your dog in the backyard or in the park; With a long battery life, you will be able to train your dog effectively.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product!


Herman F. East
Works great and in short time.

So far this is working great. My first bark collar was one that activated when the dog barked. Had buzzer, but my dog is 14 years old and can't here. Anyway, that one failed. This one is perfect. After two days with this, he knows that when the collar is on he is to be quiet. He likes to bark at neighbors. Now he won't bark with collar on. I used the sound, but go no response. Then I used the vibrate mode and I could tell that he knew something had happened by his reaction. I have only used the shock, and that is at my command, only two times. He understands the vibrate very well and knows if he keeps barking, the next step is something unpleasant. Recommend this if you have a "squeaker" or "barker" and want to curtail that behavior, humanely.

Richard Smith
Really works!

I LOVE this product! I live in a rather small neighborhood that backs up to the woods and Rudy, being a Cairn terrier, will bark at anything that moves especially squirrels. I have tried other products but this one gives me the control. Nobody wants to shock their beloved pet and the remote control allows you to decide which will work at the time. I've been using this product for two months and have only had to shock him twice. Usually the beeper or the vibrate reminds him to quiet down. It also helps to remind him what a good boy he is once he stops.

Five Stars!

This training collar has been great so far. My dog loves to go out to pee at 5:30 in the morning and bark at everything that moves. Now all I have to do is hit the beeper button and she shuts up. I only had to use the shock function a few in the very beginning to let her know I meant business, and it was only on level 20/100. This trainer is very versatile giving you the option of an audible alarm, vibration, or electric shock. The vibration and electric shock are adjustable from 0-100 which allows you to adjust it to the size and temperament of your dog. I also love that the remote and the collar have rechargeable batteries. The remote is very intuitive and ergonomic. I can't really say enough good things about this trainer, and for the price it can't be beat.

Mary Bruner
Works perfect

Love it

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