Washable Pee Pads for Dogs (2 Pack)

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  • The Size for Washable Dog Pee Pads is 28"X 22"for one piece ,connect size by snaps for 2 pcs can be 28"X 41". - Paw Legend washable dog pads of extraordinary quality is a multi-functional piece of tender fabric with its suitable size to fit sofa ,couches ,chairs ,beds, car boot or any other piece of furniture. You will keep your furniture from odor, urine, hair, muddy paws and your pet will be extremely satisfied.
  • Premium & Durable Material for Extraordinary Pets Enjoyment Washable incontinence Dog Bed Pad will bring warm coziness in your pets home. The leak-free dog mats are consist of 3 layers premium material which supports over 300 times wash. Paw Legend Washable Putty Pads for dogs enriched with support for more cozy. And your dog will surely have royal dreams on it.
  • Ultra-Soft & 100% Leak-free - Heavy duty absorbency pee pads with leak-proof design. Tender and delicate material on one side and a leak-free layer on the other side, with a absorb material between the layers that can keep your floors and furniture against pet urine or slobber. The top part is actually leak-free so you don't have to worry about any kind of 'accident' that may have to happen. They are super soft as well on the fleece side which your dogs will like.
  • Multi-function - The reusable pet pads can be used indoors to cover beds, couches, lawn, and floors. It can also be used outdoors on beaches and campsites, train puppies and kittens. If you have two dogs, you can take the washable dog potty pads apart and put one in each of their beds at night for them. You can also plan to use them after dogs bath for when they want to lay on the couch but we don't want the couch getting wet since they are leak-free.
  • Machine Washable - Leak-free dog blanket is made from high-quality materials making them light and durable. They are very easy to wash and maintain. Machine washable for easy cleaning and care [warm wash, dry on medium]. This Paw Legend Leak-free blanket is saving your time, energy and besides that brings a lot of love in the relationship with your dog.

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