2-in-1 Pet Hair Dryer

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  • Dryer and Slicker Brush in One: The 2 in 1 pet grooming dryer is combine dog hair dryer with hair comb brush, it can make much easier to dry your pet after bathing, a slicker brush to remove tangles and loose fur, to keep pet's hair soft and neat. Great for dog hair brush at home, fast drying and beautiful grooming, more convenient and time saving.
  • Two Temperature Settings: High and low level temperature can help dry your pets quickly, saving energy and suitable to prevent pain and burn. Its suggested that the low setting is first, to be less warm and more comfortable. The dog grooming specifically designed for small medium dogs and cats, works great for dogs scared of the blower.
  • Safe for Pet:  The stainless steel pins have the safety tips, and it wont scratching pets skin when comb hair with coated tips, also it can greatly massage the pet at the same time. There is a hair filter cover at the bottom. Just clean the sponge after using.
  • Lightweight&Portable: The pet grooming dry with compact design, weighs only 13 ounces, easy to carry and store. Ergonomic handle helps hold and use no problem, Comes in handy when you need to dry pets hair, long power cord gives user the flexibility to move around.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Easy to use and it does not get to hot

It is a nice dryer. My little guy is still not liking it but eventually i think he will. The bristles are a little hard. It would work better for puppies if the bristles were a little softer

Awesome idea😀

This dryer is not as loud as the normal human hair dryers. My dogs are not afraid of this dryer, so it makes it easier to groom them. The brush on the end is helpful during grooming also.

Works on Doodles

I have a very poodle-like Doodle. I use this air dryer brush after bathing and before grooming. It quickly dries and brushes out her coat, which makes it a perfect tool for using before I clip her coat.

Dawn L. Whitehead
Good value for the price. Dogs and I all like it!

Great for drying small dogs after their bath. Sound was not loud or annoying to them and did not frighten them. Brush helped the drying process without irritation. Drying power sufficient for the job.

Good home pet groomer.

I use this product in grooming my pup and it did pretty good. It beats holding a hair dryer and comb trying to dry him out at the same time. One draw back for me is that the handle area is bulky and kind of awkward in handling. I would recommend, make the bristles a bit longer for longer haired dogs. Also add a cool setting. I would recommend this product for your home use on your pets

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