3.2L/108oz Pet Water Fountain, Automatic Water Bowl

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  • 3.2L Large Capacity Cat Fountains3.2L/108 oz automatic cat drinking fountain of large water capacity, is perfect for small to medium-sized cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. The big bucket of dog water fountain can last for 2 weeks with multiple pets to use. No worries about your furry friends' drinking problem when you are on a business trip or travel. The top transparent baffle prevents water spilling from the cat bowl
  • Clear & Visible Water Level Window The pet water fountain is designed with a transparent water level window. You can easily see the water level and cleanliness through the window gap. It is convenient for adding water and cleaning. To change water and clean the cat water dispenser in time can keep your pet healthy. Please make sure that the water level is not lower than the MIN water mark
  • Cat Water Fountain with LED Light The cat drinking fountain has an ultra silent pump, which makes barely noise, is a great choice for a light sleeper. The pump of cat waterer with LED light adds a lovely glow in your home. Your pet is easy to drink water in the dark. And blue light can clearly monitor water level. There will be a little noise when the water level is too low. Please add more water in
  • Pet Fountain with Multi-Filtration The cat water fountain is BPA free and has a premium carbon filter. It provides clean water to pets. The PP cotton pad can filter hair and residue; The ion exchange resin can soften the tap water; The activated carbon can remove odor, chlorine and heavy metals. The pre-filter sponge around the pump could better filter impurities and extend pump life
  • Flow Water for Encouraging Drinking Our cat water fountain features a faucet mode. The free-falling stream can meet the drinking habits of cat and dogs, and increase the fun of pets. 2 different ways to drink water. Pets could drink from the tap or to drink in the flow water in storage water bowl. The flow stream than still water in regular water bowl is more attractive to your pets

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