1080P Pet Camera - White

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  • Real-time Human Detection Alert: A dog camera with phone APP will detect the moving object and send you alert. Motion alerts will be sent to your phone to keep you informed of every potential danger at your home. This indoor camera combined with the application of artificial intelligence technology, invalid alert filtering and a targeted optimization algorithm makes the alerts very accurate.
  • 1080P FHD for Multiple-view: 1080P HD puppy camera provides you with a 360 panoramic view of every corner of your home/house. This pet camera two way audio and video has a 100 field of view - rotates 360 horizontally and 105 vertically. 24/7 live stream video can be shared with your loved ones via Netvue App. You can enjoy happy memories with your family by using Netvue camera.
  • Cloud Storage & Privacy Protection: AWS Cloud to provide up to 30 days of cloud storage. This dog camera with phone APP also supports local storage of recording and detecting sound and motion with MicroSD card (not included,up to 128GB). Both can replay 14 days videos. Netvue indoor camera provides the highest protection of deta and privacy via ank-level AES 256-bit encryption and TLS Encryption Protocol.

Customer Reviews

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Kate Boyd-Martone
Great quality for the price- we love it!

This little thing is great. Did have a little trouble trying to find a good place for it, but that’s mainly because we’re in an apartment and didn’t want to mount it to the wall. A low shelf near the bedside and we can see our almost 4 year old perfect! We can talk to him, see him very clearly, tell if his eyes are open or if he’s sleeping. It’s great! We can listen or mute him, etc. I do wish there wasn’t a delay in the speakers coming back up after you stop talking to the child on the other side, but that’s pretty much the only downside I could fins and it’s pretty minor. Not even enough to take a star away for me. We LOVE this thing! Great quality for $30. We wish we got this sooner, it would have saved stress!

Lindsay Zahller

Exactly as described and extremely easy to set up. The app works great! The 2-way voice feature is exactly what we needed and the quality of the image is amazing. So happy to have this to check in on my pups throughout the day.

great for checking in on my cats

i now have 2 netvue cameras set up in different locations of my house. they are used primarily for checking in on my 5 cats. i have one installed upside down from the kitchen ceiling so i can always keep an eye on the food/water situation. i have the other situated on the tv table so i can scan the living room. i go away overnight often and nothing gives me greater peace of mind than my 2 cams. i’ve bought other brands in the past but they never worked correctly and were impossible to set up wirelessly. the netvue were so stress free in set up. i’m able to view both of them separately on the app on my ipad and iphone. works like a charm.

Monica Travis
Easy set up, great video quality, can adjust view to see the whole room.

Very easy set up as long as you connect to the correct internet. The picture quality is fantastic! I’m using it as a pet cam and the camera’s motion detection is highly sensitive so it tells me every time my cat walks around (can be adjusted to your preference). Photos are taken when motion is detected and an alert can be sent to your phone. You can record videos when you open the app. It would work well as a self-monitoring indoor security camera! You can adjust the camera view 360, also up and down. Highly satisfied with my purchase!

Alison W.
Excellent value

I was so pleasantly surprised by this camera. It rotates almost a full 360 degrees, as well as up and down about 90 degrees. The regular camera and night vision are both impressive. I bought it to check in on my cats while I’m away. My only complaint is that when it moves around, one of the cats hears it and will run over and knock it over. Luckily it even came with mounting equipment, which should solve that problem. Really good value for only $40

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