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  • HUMAN-GRADE: If you wouldnt eat it, why would you feed it? From the ingredients theyre made with to the kitchens theyre made in, our treats meet strict USDA standards fit for human consumption.
  • ALL NATURAL: Our kitchen-crafted Organic Chicken Jerky treats are made with organic, free range chicken raised in the USA. Each chewy, all natural treat is bursting with real hickory smoke flavor your dog will love.
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Truth is our first ingredient. We carefully cook our natural Organic Chicken Jerky in small batches using honest ingredients like organic chicken, brown rice, and flax seednever any by-products or waste.
  • NO GLYCERIN, GRAINS, CORN, WHEAT OR SOY: Our all natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every bite is free from fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors and chock full of real meat flavor.
  • U.S.-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are proudly made in the United States using regionally sourced ingredients, including USDA approved, antibiotic-free chicken.

Customer Reviews

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D E L I cious! Deli, YES!

These are one of my Dogs Favorite Snacks! I love because of the ingredients! Nothing extra, added! Just the meat, that Thor LOVES!

Dog approved!!

My dog loves these and I love the higher quality! I break off small pieces to give her as treats vs giving her a whole piece.

Full Moon treats

My dogs really really like these!

The Best Dog Treats Ever!

My dogs have been eating Full Moon products for years.

Only Treat I Give My Dog

My dog is very picky when it comes to treats, but these are his favorite and I only feed him organic food. I think this is very important because when something is organically grown, more carbon is sequestered into the soil whereas conventionally grown foods use chemicals that are bad for the organisms in the soil that would sequester carbon. P.S. My dog even enjoys these treats when he has to eat them with his medicine.

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