Why Do Cats Like Treats More Than Food? (2022 Updates)

Why Do Cats Like Treats More Than Food? (2022 Updates)

Cats are moody creatures. They will do or eat according to their comfort and mood. Have you ever felt frustrated while feeding them? Well, sometimes I do when they are more on to treats than the regular food. So, why do cats like treats more than food?

Vets say it depends on their appetite, attachment to the taste, health condition, and many more. Whereas veteran cat owners things it is the mischief of the cats as they are too addictive to the treats. 

We will discuss almost everything you need to know about cat food & treats. Besides, how to handle if your cat loves treats more than regular foods. You can get all the accessories to correct your cat's food habits from Reli’s Pet Shop.

Why Do Cats Like Treats More Than Food?

Cats are highly food-oriented. They will eat whatever comes their way while they are hungry. Do they know what is good for them or not? You may think so.

But, no doubt, they have the intelligence and system to eat what is best for them and in the correct quantity. For ages, vets insist that your cat should stick to their regular meal rather than nibbling on treats.

However, you may find it challenging to feed cats meals every day because of their mood and behavior. Let's discuss why cats like treats more than food:

1. Attachment To The Taste

It means that your cat has been fed with the same food, taste, and flavor since its birth. They will be attached to it; that doesn’t matter if they don’t like it but gets used to it due to its taste and flavor.

Therefore, if you suddenly switch over the diet or offer something different or in a new way, they will not like that instance. 

2. Attachment To The Owner

Cats are catty. It means if you lavish your love on the cat, then they will return the favor in the form of food or treats. They like the owner's taste more than any oily or other treats.

If you are on a diet and always have an apple in your hand, your cat will probably prefer that apple to anything else. This is also one of the reasons why cats like treats more than food.

3. Health Condition

It depends on how healthy your cat is. Are they suffering from any health issues? Are any medicines there? By all means, treat your cat well. Make them happy and healthy. Don't force to eat the vet prescribed food during illness (medicines) or health (balanced nutrition).

4. Cats Have Different Taste Buds Than Humans

Cats have different taste buds than humans. They just don't prefer to eat tasty food, but their limited sense of taste makes them even fussier. Their sense of smell is also much better than our sense of smell.

For example, some cats find fishy or meaty food delicious because their sense of smell finds it attractive, whereas humans can't stand fishy and robust food at all!

5. Cat's Love for Crumbs and Licks

If they are free-fed, they will find it exciting to lick the crumbs and leftover stuff from the table. Some may even get addicted to it and try every corner of the house for smells and tastes!

So, make sure that you don't leave any food crumbs on your plate while eating at home; otherwise, they will try to eat it too! Or you may get another idea that these feline creatures can be useful in cleaning up your household food scraps!

Just think about how nice it would be if you have a cat that can clean up the crumbs on your kitchen floor every time you throw it down while cooking!

6. Cats Love the Variety

They enjoy a variety of food more than just an ordinary diet. Variety makes them feel happy and healthy. They are not just cute, but they are smart too, right?

So in order to keep them happy, follow their natural instinct and give them a varied diet. If you feed a balanced diet, don't worry about the variety of food as its quality matters most, not the quantity!

7. Cats Usually Tend to Eat More at Night

During sleep hours, cats can eat almost double what they could eat during the daytime without feeling full or bloated. They might be pretty hungry late at night and easy to get full if they don't get enough food, so make sure your cat is fed before bedtime.

When you plan to move your cat from one place to another, make them eat a big meal with lots of water before you try to move them as cats eat smaller meals during travel rather than one big meal at one go!

Are Cat Treats Bad for Cats?

Most cat treats are unhealthy because they contain high amounts of carbs and low-quality meat ingredients.  Cats are carnivorous creatures and should be offered meat-based food, so please keep this in mind when buying cat treats.

However, if you happen to have a picky cat, then your cat might finally eat the treats too! The following list highlights common ingredients used in making cat treats.

How to Stop Your Cat from Eating Treats Only?

How to Stop Your Cat from Eating Treats Only - cat food & treats - Reli's Pet Shop

Cats not only love the smell and taste of the treats, but they also use it to blackmail us. They know that if they refuse to eat their regular meal anymore, we will eventually give them something better-treats.

This happens because most of the time, we think that since cats don't have a choice other than starving, this must occur when getting cat food from us.

Quality cat food is essential. If your cat no longer wants to eat dry food (kibbles), there are always canned wet options, or you can mix them and offer both foods.

If your cat refuses the food bowl, take it away and feed the animal at a later time. Perhaps it would even be best to leave your pet alone with its food in an area where you can maintain silence, for instance, by leaving the dish overnight.

What are The Healthiest Treats for Cats?

I think these are the best treats for cats:

Beef Bones

Known as a popular treat, they will help clean your cat's teeth and keep them strong. This can be a good alternative if your cat is allergic to anything unusual such as pumpkin.

Dried Dog Food

These can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive cat food, but they should not make up significant portions of your pet's diet. You should only feed it occasionally and only when you see that your cat is hungry.


Kale, Grains, and Broccoli are good alternatives as they provide lots of vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to stay healthy. As a bonus, these foods also taste excellent for your precious kitty too!

Fresh Fish

Like the treat above, more meaty options such as chicken or lamb are great! Salmon is exceptionally healthy because it consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease, among other serious health problems in cats.

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is another option that some pets love just as much as beef bones! It provides high-quality proteins for them to eat, and it also tastes excellent for their humans.

Lamb's Liver (pate)

It is a high-quality treat that is a versatile option for cats, and when prepared properly, it is not too fatty at all. They will love it just as much as beef bones too!

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great-tasting cat treat that provides essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your animal.

Potato Chips

Smaller snacks like these can be fun to give your pet but try to avoid large chunks of the potato because they can cause stomach issues for the cat.


This may seem strange, but this does taste great and can be made into many dishes, including cat treats. So why not add some yogurt to your cat's food?


Pretty much any type of oatmeal will do, but if you want to cut down on the fat, you should skip the flavored varieties as they add extra carbs. Plain oats can also help boost your dog or cat's immunity, so why not try that out next time!

Final Words

Why do cats like treats more than food depends on your lifestyle and, of course, your cat’s food habit? If you need accessories and nutrition to make your cat healthy, visit Reli’s Pet Shop to get some of the most state-of-the-art pet gadgets and food.

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